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Puno – Uros – Taquile – La Paz

Puno - Uros - Taquile - La Paz

Puno5 Days / 4 NightsAdventure

A visit to the beautiful Lake Titicaca, one of the main destinations in Southern Peru and Bolivia, is easily accessible with culture soaked Cusco before or after your Machu Picchu Tour. As a matter of fact, there are four main ways to travel from Cusco to Lake Titicaca Tour, or in the opposite direction, from Lake Titicaca to Cusco.

Our Puno Tour to Copacabana to La Paz Tour is perfect for travelers who love to explore and want to get a real taste of Bolivia, as well as a little help crossing the notorious border between Peru and Bolivia. From the Floating Islands of Uros to the Isla del Sol, you can have it all. If you want to begin your journey in Cusco, then check out our Cusco to La Paz pass!

  • Day 01: Puno – Sillustani – Puno
  • Day 02: Puno – Uros – Taquile – Amantaní
  • Day 03: Puno – La Paz
  • Day 04: La Paz
  • Day 05: La Paz

Departures: On request

Physical Condition: Very good


Day 01: Puno – Sillustani – Puno

  • Arrival and transfer to Chullpas of Sillustani, 28 km north of the city of Puno, on the shores of Umayo Lagoon.
  • During the trip, you will see Chullpas, fortified towers.
  • It is said that these towers were funerary monuments of the Collas and Incas, but its exact age remains unknown. The most important towers are around 12 m high and are built in volcanic stone. Their main characteristic is that the diameter of the base is smaller than the diameter of the building upper part.
  • Overnight in Puno.

Breackfast: Not Included Lunch: Not Included Dinner: Not Included Overnight: Hotel

Day 02: Puno – Uros – Taquile – Amantaní

  • In the morning journey by boat to the Floating Island of Uros in Lake Titicaca. Located 4 km from Puno, the original inhabitants of these floating islands are said to descend from one of the most ancient peoples of the Americas and still to this day practise their ancient traditions. Their dwellings made of totora reed are built on the surface of Lake Titicaca.
  • Afterwards, you will make your way to the unique Island of Taquile, where time appears to have stopped. The Mediterranean atmosphere of this place is striking, with its steps of stone and its houses centred around the square. Its indigenous community that lives here, around 350 families are descendants of the Incas and known for their Textile activities, such as their beautifully woven chumpis (belts), chullos (caps), and ojotas (and sandals) and according to the custom, officials are distinguished by black or brown caps.
  • Their agriculture system operates on a collective basis and the crops are distributed according to each individual need, a traditions which goes back to the XIVth century.
  • Taquile Island also offers a magnificent lake landscape from where the impressive snowfalls of the Cordillera Real (Real mountain chain) can be seen.
  • Arrival to Amantaní Island, which is located 37 km from Puno and in front of the Capachica Peninsula, offers beautiful landscapes, archaeology, as well as a variety of arts and crafts, including ceramics, cut stone works, and a local fur industry managed by the local inhabitants.
  • Its archaeological remains, such as the temple of Pachatata and Pachamama, were intended as payment of the land to the Gods from the pre-Inca times. These ceremonies and customs on the island, are still to this day alive and make the Island of Amantaní an interesting visit.
  • Overnight with a local community family in Amantaní. (B-L-D).

Breackfast: Agency Lunch: Agency Dinner: Agency Overnight: Hotel

Day 03: Puno – La Paz

  • Early land transfer to Copacabana Sanctuary, where you will board the Catamaran Cruise Ship, with buffet lunch on board whilst sailing to Sun Island, the legendary birth place of the Inca Empire.
  • Visit the Inca Garden, the Inti Wata Cultural Complex which includes the Ekeko Underground Museum and its traditional medicines, the Titicaca Reed Shipbuilders display centre, the Pachamama agricultural Inca terraces, the Intica lounge and the Manco Kapac look out, featuring the largest variety of Andean cameloids.
  • Finally, enjoy from Sun Island the unique sailing experience aboard the huge traditional islanders reed boat.
  • At the end of the day the Catamaran Cruise Ship will make its way to Chua harbour, land transfer to La Paz city and your  hotel. (B-L).

Breackfast: Agency Lunch: Agency Dinner: Not Included Overnight: Hotel

Day 04: La Paz

  • In the morning you will begin your half day tour of La Paz, visiting the famous Witch Doctors Market and the San Francisco Colonial Church. The tour will then continue onto the Plaza Murillo, where the cathedral, the government palace and the national congress are located. Visit the famous street known a “Calle Jaen”, where you will find many small shops and houses clustered together, followed by the visit to the replica of the semi subterranean temple of the Tiwanaku Culture. Finally, your tour continues to the residential areas of Obrajes, Calacoto, La Florida and a visit to the Moon Valley, where you will explore and walk through this strange landscape. (B).

Breackfast: Agency Lunch: Not Included Dinner: Not Included Overnight: Hotel

Day 05: La Paz

  • Transfer out. (B).

Breackfast: Agency Lunch: Not Included Dinner: Not Included Overnight: Not Included


  • Excursions as described, transportation, entrances, specialised tour guide.
  • Accommodation with breakfast.
  • Meals where stated (B=Breakfast / L=Lunch / D=Dinner)
  • Transfer airport / hotel /airport.
  • Catamaran from Puno to La Paz (OW) in Regular


  • Services not specified in the programme, extras and tips.
  • National flight tickets to Juliaca
  • International flight ticket from La Paz
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