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Pachacamac Ancient City

Pachacamac Ancient City

LimaHalf DayCultural

Pachacamac tour is one of the most impressive archaeological places in the central coast of Peru, located in the Lurin valley 31 km from Lima city. The place was settlement of pre-Inca as well as the Inca civilization, which venerated Pachacamac, the world maker. Pachacamac was considered as the most important divinity in the central Coast.

Visit to the city of Pachacamac, a sacred ceremonial place, located 31 Km from the south of Lima. The Pyramid-shape, set of buildings, temples, palaces dates from the first Christian centuries.

You will visit the site museum, which features ceramics, textiles and a wooden idol found in the original temple of Pachacamac.

Itinerary Tour Pachacamac

  • The tour begins picking up our tourists from their own hotels in Lima to stroll around the districts of Barranco, Surco, Villa El Salvador on our way of getting to the Archaeological Complex of Pachacamac.
  • After registering the visitors we walk into the archaeological complex with a guide, the longer the visit the more interesting it gets, you can get to know and appreciate further details of the Adobitos (mud brick) Complex, the pyramids with ramp, the streets that link the sacred city of Pachacamac, the temple of the Sun and the Acllahuasi or house of the chosen women.
  • We will visit the museum of the site which displays archaeological pieces found in different excavations, such as pottery, textiles, and the famous wooden idol the one who the ancient people before the Incas venerated in the Central Coast and then its name was changed to Pachacamac. Finishing the visit, we take a short rest, ideal to recharge our energy with a snack or to do some shopping.

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  • Excursions as described, transportation, entrances, specialised tour guide.


  • Services not specified in the programme, extras and tips.
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