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Iquitos, Yanallpa, Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve

Iquitos, Yanallpa, Pacaya Samiria Natural Reserve

Iquitos4 Days / 3 NightsAmazon

  • Day 01: Iquitos
  • Day 02: Amazon, Yanayacu and Yarapa Rivers
  • Day 03: Marañon River,  Pucate River and Yanayacu Lagoon
  • Day 04: Marañon River, Nauta Caño and Marayali Creeks

Departures: Friday


Day 01: Iquitos

  • Late afternoon, arrival to Iquitos.
  • Soon after you arrive at Francisco Secada Viñeta, Iquitos International Airport, transfer in hand made traditional wooden canoe boats to “Islacocha”, the floating VIP lounge & embarkation port, only 5- minutes away from Iquitos through the shallow waters of the Itaya River. Once on Islacocha, you will be hosted and checked-in by a friendly local staff while enjoying the comfortable lounge and restaurant “Al Frio y al Fuego” (Cold & Broiled), with an exotic drink. Then, you will board the “Delfin”, a casual style but luxurious, classy and comfortable river vessel.
  • Just before dawn, while the “Delfin” starts its journey into the Rainforest, cruising up the Amazon River, you will enjoy a breath taking Amazonian sunset view from the comfort of the Third Deck (Top Observation Deck) while an experienced Barman and staff provide you with a wide variety of, opportunity to taste drinks and cocktails including the famous Peruvian traditional cocktail called “Pisco Sour”, made out of “Pisco”, a genuinely Peruvian grape-based liquor made from more than four different kinds of grapes grown on the south Pacific coastal valleys of Peru.
  • Dinner.
  • You will enjoy the best of the Amazonian Peruvian cuisine with dishes cooked in different styles and seasoned with the widest variety of herbs and spices, as well as Amazonian exotic fruits rich in color and taste, all delicately prepared by a highly qualified chefs and kitchen staff. For those who are on a diet or are allergic to certain ingredients, the kitchen will also consider a specially prepared alternative menu, always gourmet style.
  • In the evening, at the Third Deck (Top Observation Deck), with the use of charts and short videos displayed, guides will conduct a brief orientation outlining details of your journey, including references to the itinerary, places you will visit, animal wildlife and vegetation you would be expected to see as well as the historical and geographical background of the Amazonian Basin. Relax time. (D).

Breackfast: Not Included Lunch: Not Included Dinner: Agency Overnight: Hotel

Day 02: Amazon, Yanayacu and Yarapa Rivers

  • Early morning, breakfast – buffet.
  • Expedition to Yanayacu River, one of the so called “black water rivers” (life preservers, ponchos and rubber boots will be made available for you when boarding). As you cruise this river exploring its rich wilderness habitat, occasional fishermen paddling in their dug-out canoes and children will greet you with their smiles, while a great variety of birds such as terns, oriole blackbirds, wattled Jacanas as well as monkeys, sloth and black collared hawks share this lush environment with you. Skilled guides will illustrate you about this wonderful place. Upon arrival back to the vessel, icy towels will be also provided to relieve you from the early morning jungle heat.
  • Late morning, return to the vessel. You will continue cruising upstream the Amazon River.
  • Lunch.
  • Then, excursion to Yarapa River. On board of excursion skiffs, you will head for Puerto Miguel, a native village where you will have the opportunity to have a first hand experience of interaction with local villagers. You will have the chance to acknowledge their culture, traditions and folklore. Opportunity to purchase some of the handcrafted works they manufacture for self-subsistence. Afterwards and until late afternoon, you will explore the wonders of this narrow river to let you experience the abundant and spectacular deep rainforest wilderness including: squirrel monkeys, herons egrets and the rare horned screamers. While the sun sets down, you will also enjoy listening the loudly vocalisation of all different kinds of diurnal creatures marking their territories.
  • Late afternoon, you will return the vessel and happy hour. You will start cruising upstream heading for the formation of the Amazon River, then upstream the Marañon River.
  • Dinner. You will continue enjoying with a special gourmet food service and unique culinary recipes.
  • After dinner, live music at the Third Deck (Top Observation Deck).
  • (B-L- D).

Breackfast: Agency Lunch: Agency Dinner: Agency Overnight: Hotel

Day 03: Marañon River,  Pucate River and Yanayacu Lagoon

  • Early morning exploration with breakfast served aboard. You will cruise along the Marañon River, one of the largest tributaries of the Amazon River, already within the boundaries of the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, and explore the Pucate River, a unique and pristine black water river, where you will have the opportunity to see a wide variety of wildlife such as: parrots, macaws, toucans and all different kinds of monkeys.
  • Late morning, you will return to the Vessel. Lunch.
  • Then, you will visit Yanayacu lagoon and night excursion trips. Another wonderful trip along the Yanayacu river from Ranger Station #1 towards a beautiful black water lake called “Yanayacu” (half way to Rangers Station #2). You will be leaving late afternoon to let you experience the abundant and spectacular deep rainforest wilderness including: monk saki, howler and capuchin monkeys. Once dark, you will start experiencing to the wildlife Amazonian rainforest symphony as you go in search of night creatures, experienced guides will spot for you with their spot light torches. Among other wild animals, you will be able to see caymans.
  • Later, you will return to the vessel. Dinner.
  • After dinner, soft live music. (B-L- D).

Breackfast: Agency Lunch: Agency Dinner: Agency Overnight: Hotel

Day 04: Marañon River, Nauta Caño and Marayali Creeks

  • Early morning, breakfast – Buffet.
  • Then, Nauta Caño creek excursion. You will go in search of: parrots, macaws, squirrel monkeys, iguanas and many other species of animals from the deep Amazonian rainforest. Icy towels, rubber boots and plenty of water will be available at the end of this morning journey.
  • Late morning, you will return to the vessel. Once onboard, you will start cruising downstream the Marañon River towards Nauta town. Lunch.
  • Disembarkation. Assisted by guides, you will disembark and be taken to the port of Nauta City where a comfortable bus will be waiting to transport you straight to Francisco Secada Iquitos International Airport where you will board the flight back to Lima.
  • Finally, arrival at Francisco Secada Viñeta Iquitos International Airport. The bus will leave you at the airport where assisted by the staff you will be checked-in and ready to take your flight back to Lima. (B)

Breackfast: Agency Lunch: Not Included Dinner: Not Included Overnight: Hotel


  • Excursions as described, transportation, entrances, specialised tour guide.
  • Meals where stated (B=Breakfast/ L=Lunch/ D=Dinner).
  • Transfer in / out Iquitos


  • Services not specified in the programme, extras and tips.
  • National flights to & from Iquitos
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