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Gold Museum

Gold Museum

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In the 1960’s Miguel Mujica Gallo, as a result of his increasing private collection, created the Fundacion Miguel Mujica, also called the Gold Museum of Peru and Weapons of the World, to exhibit ancient pieces from the former Peru and pieces from the Colonial and Republican eras.

The acquisition of more than seven thousand pieces was inspired by his admiration for the history of Peru. This devotion resulted in this collector to leaving a cultural legacy to Peru, a country of ancient goldsmiths. It is also a magnificent tribute to the Pre Columbian cultures of Peru. The exhibition shows different art manifestations made in different materials such as precious metals between gold, silver and platinum, textiles, ceramic, mummies (skeletons), funerary bundles and other valuable objects from this period.
Thus, he prevented the exportation of these valuable jewels, which would have resulted in the cultural heritage being lost forever.  This invaluable collection demonstrates what the Spanish conquistadors found when they arrived in Peru. The resulting encounter between the two great cultures gave maximum value to precious metals while enhancing the local work time to create religious objects, symbols of power, or utilitarian objects of art.

The exhibited pieces in the museum were mostly found during the Republican era and acquired by Miguel Mujica Gallo. Through them we have learned about the advance in metallurgy, customs, beliefs and the way of life during the pre Hispanic era.


Visit to the Gold Museum, where you will appreciate a unique and amazing collection of gold objects from many Pre-Hispanic Andean civilisations. Consisting of many pieces and jewels of worked gold of incalculable value, this private collection has been seen in extraordinary expositions in many of the worlds’ major cities. You will also have the opportunity to see a valuable collection of pre Inca textiles and an exhibition of one of the largest and most interesting of its kind anywhere in the world “weapons of the world”.

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