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Atv Maras, Moray

Cusco - Maras - Moray - Salineras – Cusco

CuscoFull DayAdventure

ATV Maras, Moray tour is always a big adventure. Imagine crossing its beautiful high Andean landscapes and the iconic areas that the capital of the Incan Empire offers. With this tour you can do that and what is even more exciting you are doing that on an iron horse with four wheels; an ATV. Admire the big rural meadows that the great Sacred Valley offers and that the Inca once up on a time gazed over but with a dose of adrenaline that your body needs.

Get to know the Maras salt mines, a mine that has been in use since the Incan era and whose origin is still a mystery. After that we visit the archaeological place of Moray, referred to as a possible agricultural laboratory from the Incan era, here we can observe the unusual distribution of the platforms and the microclimates that resides in them. Dare to explore the Inca trail as a brave explorer and let the mysticism of Cusco dazzle you!

  • Day 1: Cusco – Maras – Moray – Salineras – Cusco

Day 1: Cusco – Maras – Moray – Salineras – Cusco

  • We pick you up from your hotel and they we begin our almost one hour long journey to our base in Cruzpata, after a short explication about how to use the ATVs we begin with a 10 minute practice before we begin our circuit. We will be driving about 2.30-3:00 hours off-road, here you will be able to see the daily life of the people that lives there as well as you can admire the facades of their buildings. We will pass through spectacular places where few people pass and where nature puts its best side to impress you in every moment, we can also observe the local agriculture close by. During the tour we can visit the archaeological site of Moray, also known as “the experimental center of the Incan agriculture”, and  Maras salt mine with their surprising salt pools that reveals their ancients secrets to us.
  • We will also be admiring indescribable landscapes that are filled with high mountains that to this day are sacred to our people. Among the highest peaks you will be able to see the 5.682 meters of the “Waqaq WIllka”, also known as Veronica, as well as the guardian of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, “Chicon” with its 5530 meters. You will also have a panoramic view of the Vilcanota mountain range before we return to our base where we take our transportation back to d.

Breackfast: Not Included Lunch: Not Included Dinner: Not Included Overnight: Not Included


  • Private trasportation turn and return
  • Personal ATVs 250cc Honda / Yamaha
  • Security gear; helmet and glasses
  • Professional mechanic guide (Engish/Spanish)
  • First aid kit
  • A water bottle

Not included

  • Personal insuranse
  • Tips
  • Meals
  • Entrance fees (if you don’t have the tourist ticket you need to pay at the entrance):
  • Moray S/ 70 (foreigners), S/ 40 (Peruvians); if you have the tourist ticket you don’t need to pay the entrance fee.
  • Maras S/ 15 (foreigners), S/ 10 (Peruvians)
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